Sweet Beats Cupcakes started out in 2016 after deciding to experiment with cupcakes at home. Kim has always loved baking! One day she decided to try some cupcake recipes and perfect them. She continued to tweak them, improving them with each iteration, with valuable assistance from Pat and Justin!
Kim, Pat, and Justin
After experimenting with several flavors, they decided to sell their cupcakes for the first time in Sterling, Nebraska. Their cupcakes were such a hit that people were talking about them, and coming back for more. They even heard someone across the large room telling others how great they were! Children were so happy and anxious to try them, and the adults were smiling and coming back for more! That very day, they realized that they had something special with their cupcakes and they loved making life sweeter for everyone! This was their beginning. This is their passion.

At Sweet Beats Cupcakes we are truly "Making life sweeter, one bite at a time!"